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How Mental Fitness Helps You Thrive During Difficult Times

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

Have you noticed that some people are thriving in 2021? Wouldn’t it be nice to join that group to explore what other successes are possible?

There’s no doubt that 2020 was a tough year for many people. COVID-19 took away our usual routines, numerous employment opportunities, and even some of our favourite restaurants.

We couldn’t see loved ones, travel for holiday adventures, or enjoy having social contacts with people.

The people who thrived during those circumstances (and continue to do so) all have these traits in common. These aren’t talents that were there since birth. They are things that you can start working on right now to make things better.

How You Can Start Thriving During Tough Days

  1. Focus on what you currently have. It’s easy to think about the things that we’ve lost when our circumstances change. If you lose someone or something important to your definition of self, it’s only natural to grieve that loss. Instead of having your focus solely on the negative, think about what you currently have. There are more good things around you than you might realise.

  2. Let out your emotions. When you feel frustrated by everything happening in the world, let those emotions come out instead of letting them fester inside. It’s okay to yell, scream, and cry. Your strength isn’t defined by how others think about you, because you create that definition.

  3. Forget about the worry. The future isn’t written in stone. You can be the author of what happens next in your life! If your mental energy gets directed toward anxiety, you’re more likely to panic instead of becoming productive.

As for the past, there is no reason to worry about it because it has already come and gone. If you have regrets from past decisions, work in the present to correct the wrongs that feel bothersome.

  1. You can always make a choice. Although current events sometimes make us think that there is only one path to take, that perspective is a lie. You always have two options in any set of circumstances. You can choose to keep things as they are or decide to do something different in your life.

It’s not always easy to make tough decisions. Is it time to stay in my marriage, or should I pursue a divorce? Does this job provide fulfilment, or am I here because I’m afraid to seek something better?

The people who thrive during tough days are the ones who continue to challenge the status quo.

  1. Reach for positive thoughts. You can choose to be happy. That decision gets harder when circumstances are challenging, but that is where your mental fitness can deliver an extra boost of strength. Even if you only feel better for a moment, the relief that comes from that time can prepare you for the next set of issues that want to come your way.

Success takes its time because it is patient. You might think that something is needed right now, but it might not be the correct time.

Don’t Forget: You Are Not Alone

People thrive when they adapt to their circumstances. The best way to create that outcome is to ask for help when it is needed.

It is crucial to remember that you’re not alone in these circumstances today. If you need help, reach out to those who can provide it.

As a final step, don’t forget to laugh. When you can be around the people you love and appreciate while discovering humour and joy, you’ll have a recipe for enhanced mental fitness.

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