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“The ability to get greater results and preserve well-being amidst change and challenge is the defining skill set of our times”

– Marshall Goldsmith, World #1 Executive Coach, Author

How can you build the resilience of your people so they can do more with less?

Are they telling you they are stressed?

Is your sickness absence higher than you’d like?

Are they resistant to change.

Are they stressed over workload?

Are they blaming everyone else?

Do they have a ‘just enough attitude’?

The Solution

We held a series of focus groups with over 40 people, 10% of the allotted 400 staff to be trained. This was to gain insight into the daily scenarios managers and front-line staff were facing, their current coping methods and levels of stress.

A bespoke programme of training to meet both individual needs and wider organisational objectives was developed.

Over 400 people undertook one-day training in small groups of 20 people.

As a result of the training staff:

  • understand and can explain what mental toughness is and its role in managing stress
  • can explain what stress is and how the body responds to different types of stress
  • are able to identify their own stressors and signs of stress
  • can identify the common signs of stress in another person
  • are able to confidently use tools and techniques based on science from CBT reframe and reduce stress

To support the one-day training an online e-learning package was created using videos exercises and downloadable PDFs allowing participants and the wider organisation to benefit from the learning in the future.

The Challenge

New Charter Group was a social landlord in the North West and Midlands with aound 20,000 homes and a workforce of around 900. Their staff were facing increasing workload pressures and challenges within their day to day roles and interactions with customers leading to increased stress levels.

In addition, the group was preparing to merge with Adactus housing to create a new organisation called Jigsaw. The HR leadership team realised that this process would increase levels stress brought about by the accompanying uncertainty.

We were asked to design a solution to build the resilience of their people that would enable to still perform and deliver for their clients while maintaining their well-being.


Six months on from the training anonymous feedback showed that 85% of attendees said it effectively helped to improve their stress resilience. Forty percent also said they had learned to re-frame their mindset to see some stress as enhancing.

Following on from this the HR team invited us to go back and deliver a train-the-trainer solution on using a key psychometric tool.

Lisa Aston, Organisational Development Business Partner at New Charter said: “We worked with Anthony at a time when the organisation was facing a period of great change. We wanted to support our staff by providing them with the tools and techniques to be able to embrace this change while still performing at their best and maintaining their well-being.

“Anthony worked with us to create a bespoke solution that was delivered to over 400 people. They also created an online learning resource that will be used to support our people in the future. The feedback on the training has been excellent and we’d highly recommend him.”

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