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The Why, How and What of who we are


To enable managers to build their mental skills so they have the confidence and wellbeing to inspire and lead others


We have four simple values that guide how we work.

These are:

  1. Improve lives
  2. Build a reputation
  3. Have fun
  4. Be profitable

That’s it.

What we are like to work with

  1. Approachable
  2. Constructively challenging
  3. Fun


Mental Skills Training

Mental Toughness Assessment & Development – Workshops/Programmes/Coaching/Psychometrics

Stress Assessment & Management – Workshops/Programmes/Coaching/Psychometrics

Resilience Development – Coaching

Mental Health

MHFA England Mental Health First Aid | One-Day Champions | Half-Day Awareness Training

Bespoke mental health-related training & psychometric assessment

In-house confidential coaching and employee support

Why the name 359?

Most people know the story of Roger Bannister, the first man to break the 4-min mile in 1954. What they don’t know is that two years earlier he came fourth in the 1,500m at the Olympics.

Yet despite that setback and training to be a junior doctor – back when they worked 100-hr weeks – he picked himself up and set himself a new goal. To break the 4-min barrier.

Even though he could only train for about an hour a day, Bannister believed he could achieve his goal. His mindset and mental toughness were key to his success. Not only that, but in running under 4-minutes he changed the mindset of the world as to what was possible.

That’s why we chose the name threefifty9 to represent what we do – developing the mental skills to support middle manager ‘athletes’ in their life and work. So they can achieve more than others think possible.

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